Chay Wike

Rose's Breakfast Sandwich

Chay Wike
Rose's Breakfast Sandwich

My daughter Rose is turning 13 in a few weeks. She’s one of those kids that eats almost everything…except for raisins, oatmeal, and raw tomatoes. It’s a texture thing. She loves to bake and cook and has grown quite comfortable with experimenting in the kitchen. My only rule was that she had to be tall enough to stand above the stove before she could use it.

Last summer we went to the farmers market across the river in Kingston NY and there was a guy making breakfast sandwiches to order on a griddle. He loaded them up with eggs, cheese, all kinds of veggies, and bacon. Rose stood drooling as she watched on and proceeded to wolf down a “Tasty Toastie” of her own and became obsessed. 

There have been several versions of this breakfast sandwich at home and it really just depends on what we have in the fridge. Use whatever you want.

Rose and I share an intolerance for gluten and dairy so we’ve had to find substitutes that taste good. There are plenty of brands that can be found in most supermarkets and I’ve also come to love a few local small batch artisans making truly great alternatives with simple ingredients. Our Daily Bread makes amazing gluten free bread, bagels, and hamburger buns. Cheezehound is another favorite with a wide range of tangy cultured vegan cheeses that I love. Rose prefers Violife for cream cheese and Daiya for an easy melting shredded cheese that’s good for grilled sandwiches and pizza.

If you have any favorites please send them our way!

With love,



Rose’s Breakfast Sandwich

Please substitute with your preference of bread, cheese, veggies, and protein.

  • 1 toasted bagel

  • 1 egg

  • cream cheese

  • shredded cheese

  • a few thick slices of red onion

  • 2 pieces smoked salmon

  • a few leaves of spinach

  • Salt and pepper to taste


Halve a bagel and pop it in the toaster.

Heat and grease a skillet. Crack an egg on one side and grill your onions at the same time on the other. Sprinkle some shredded cheese over the egg so it melts while it’s cooking. We like the egg served over medium so gently flip it once the edges start to crisp up and then turn the heat off. It will finish cooking in the hot pan.

Spread some cream cheese over the bagel and layer each half with one piece of salmon. Transfer the egg to one side, place a few leaves of spinach over it, top off with the grilled onions, sprinkle some salt and pepper, and close it all up.